Xtim Bionic Bird Ready To Fly Drone

Xtim Bionic Bird Ready To Fly Drone
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Flying robotic birdFly it with a smartphone or a joystick. TOUCH THE SKY: from great outdoors down to your living room, pilot your BionicBird from your .
. fly up to an altitude of 100m. The way it mimics flying and gliding is so convincing that even birds think its real. Drone technology is taking a huge step forward.
Buy XTIM Bionic Bird Drone featuring Ready-to-Fly, Flies at up to 12 mph 328' Range. Review XTIM.
Take off with Bionic Bird without paying its shipment wherever you are! And get a cool box with a bird ready to fly, a spare wings, a power bank egg to charge, .
drone, smartphone, app, bird, bionicbird, robot, flying. the Bionic Bird Premium Package contains: 1 bird ready-to-fly, 1 QR code to download the free App, .
Bionic Bird offers a unique sensory experience – flying like a bird. With other birds! Bionic Bird's power of attraction among sparrows and swallows creates a .
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