Why Are Battery Tenders Not For Sale In California

Why Are Battery Tenders Not For Sale In California
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Or Oregon, for that matter. The manufacturer's website says, in big red letters: "NOT FOR SALE IN CALIFORNIA OR OREGON." I've bought .
Your question was not stupid, in spite of what the other person said. Many people do not understand the subtle differentiation between the different models, and .
New regulations affecting the sale of non-consumer battery charging systems. Whether inductive or not, any charger used in a non-consumer application that .
Buy SuperSmart Battery Tender Plus 12-Volt 1.25 AMP Battery Charger at. The battery on that vehicle does not last as long as the warranty period. We have .
Buy Deltran Battery Tender Plus (021-0128) 12V Battery Charger (Not California and Oregon Energy Compliant) with fast shipping and top-rated customer .

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