Veeko Hoverboard Keeps Beeping

Veeko Hoverboard Keeps Beeping
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If I speed up a bit the beeping starts, and it won´t stop until I turn off the board.. (It says "Bluetooth mode" when I start up the board, but I don´t have any remote.). But does that green light mean it cannot be the battery?
Calibrating your hoverboard is the first step in troubleshooting any problems you. Today, when you tried turning it on it began beeping and had a red led in the .
Are you trying to figure out why the lights on your hoverboard keep flashing? Diagnose what the different patterns mean and what you'll need to do to fix it.
Press the button again, keep your finger on that button, keep it pressed even after the device. There will be a beeping sound and the red light goes away. Now .
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