Ups Lithium Ion Battery Requirements

Ups Lithium Ion Battery Requirements
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Effective January 1, 2017, UPS will change its requirements for shipping lithium batteries by air.
Required: Warning markings stating “Lithium Batteries – Forbidden for Transport Aboard Aircraft and Vessel.” Lithium ion battery mark is required for packages containing >4 cells or >2 batteries. Your package does not need to be shipped as fully regulated Dangerous Goods.
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Shipping lithium batteries. Packed in, packed with equipment or shipped alone. Package labeling requirements for shipping lithium ion and metal batteries at .
Note: In the U.S., regulations governing the shipment of lithium batter- ies are expected to. Lithium ion (Liion) batteries, which are rechargeable. This type of .
. battery types. Regulations are also based on levels of energy density.. This makes LiIon batteries viable for use in electric vehicles as well as UPS products.
common questions about lithiumion batteries and their use in UPS applications to aid the user. age and current is required for a given application. This simple .

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