Surefire Tactician Rechargeable Battery

Surefire Tactician Rechargeable Battery
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Tactician. Dual-Output MaxVision Beamâ„¢ LED Flashlight. Rechargeable LFP 123A batteries are only to be used to power LED illumination products (built to .
(16mA/hour draw, a rechargeable 18650 battery has 3500mAh). . That surefire tactician is getting a lot of press right now but I think there are .
Buy SureFire Tactician High-Output LED Flashlight with Maxvision, Black:. 2500mAh 9.25Wh 3.7V Protected Lithium Rechargeable Battery P1665J Cell Made.
You twist the tail cap for constant on, this light is purposely built for gunfighting and for that reason does not have a click tail cap to ensure the light is never .

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