Small Button Battery Sizes

Small Button Battery Sizes
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This article lists the sizes, shapes, and general characteristics of some common primary and. . Some devices have a small bump or spring where the positive terminal of the cell connects, and this allows the use of either button– or flat-top cells.. .. Mercury batteries were formerly commonly made in button sizes for watches, .
Button and coin cell batteries are used to power small, portable electronics. Coin and button cells derive their names from their shape and size – thinner .
BatteryJunction has a vast assortment of coin cells in a variety of sizes and chemistries.. Button and coin cell batteries are commonly used in watches, calculators,. cells are known for their very long battery life and a low self- discharge rate.
Cross-Reference Battery Charts. Please click to view: Standard Battery Chart · Watch/Button Cell Chart · Watch Battery Size Equivalence Chart · Maxell Button .
Find the battery you need by searching by size. We stock many different sizes of batteries, including the standard sizes AAA, AA, C, D and. Button Cell Batteries  .
AG Button batteries are widely used in low-power applications like: watches, calculators. We are fully postured to deliver all battery sizes and chemistries at the .
Total Power Solution Provider. High quality rechargeable batteries and battery chargers for consumer electronics. Custom battery pack provide for consumer, .
Note: Silver oxide is interchangeable with alkaline in certain sizes. You can see the alkaline equivalent to the silver oxide in the last column. Silver oxide may .

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