Replace Auto Battery Terminal

Replace Auto Battery Terminal
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If the battery terminals have minor corrosion, just remove them and clean them and the battery posts with a wire brush. Using the wire brush, neutralize the battery acid with a baking soda/ water solution. Or buy a can of battery terminal spray cleaner. Dry off the battery with paper towels.
Step 1 Car Battery Terminal. Now, find the nut located on the side of the terminal. Carefully, use a cloth to lift up the terminal off of the node. On the positive terminal, locate the nut along the side. Using a cloth, carefully remove the positive terminal from the node.
Battery terminals should be inspected and cleaned twice per year, and if the. To install a new terminal, remove the retainer screws and insert the wire in the .
Place the new battery in the battery hold-down tray and secure the battery with the hold-down clamp. Spray both terminal ends with anti-corrosion solution. Attach and tighten the positive battery cable (Red).

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