Lithium Ion Battery Pack Circuit

Lithium Ion Battery Pack Circuit
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typical Liion battery pack. It shows an example of a safety protection circuit for the Liion cells and a gas gauge (capacity measuring device). The safety circuitry .
Make an Inexpensive LithiumIon Battery Pack: I started this project out of a desire. Short circuit protection means the PCB will turn off if it detected a short; if a .
Lithium ion/polymer batteries are extremely power dense. This makes them great for reducing size and weight of projects. However, they are not 'safe' batteries .
. of rechargeable two-cell Liion/Lithium polymer, further include a short circuit. battery pack, if the cell voltage becomes lower than the over-charge released .
Protection Circuit Board Specifications For 6S Liion/Li-po Battery Pack. Model: CU-JAS372. No. Test item, Criterion. 1, Voltage, Charging voltage, DC: 25.2V .
Manufacture part# PCM-Li01S3-137 Prevents 3.7V LiIon Battery pack from overcharging 4.30 +/- 0.05V Prevents 3.7V LiIon Battery pack from over discharging .
Sensitive lithiumion cells are protected from overcharging and overdischarging by the UCC3958, a monolithic BiCMOS battery protection circuit. The device is .

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