Lithium Ion Battery Label Pdf

Lithium Ion Battery Label Pdf
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These labels allow you to indicate which type of battery you are shipping (lithium ion battery or lithium metal battery). This new label is accepted as of January 1, .
In many instances, if shipping lithium batteries contained in a consumer electronic device. Package labeling requirements for shipping lithium ion and metal .
Other types of batteries, including lithium ion and lithium metal types, also may. .. they have the appropriate lithium ion or lithium metal caution label or mark (as .
100 Wh per battery. 5 kg net1. Lithium Battery. Label. None. Lithium Ion Batteries in compliance with Section II of PI 966. LB. YES. Contained in equipment.
The statement "Lithium ion batteries in compliance with Section II of PI966" must be shown on the AWB. Labelling,. Marking. 1. Lithium battery Class 9 label shall .

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