Lithium Ion Battery Label Download

Lithium Ion Battery Label Download
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2019 Lithium Batteries Regulations: Lithium Ion Batteries. Step 2 – How are you. . Labeling /. Marking: Documentation: Shipper's Declaration is not required.
Lithium battery labels meet compliance with PHSMA & ICAO/IATA regulations. Stock and. Lithium Ion Cells or Batteries Contained in Equipment. 2.25" x 4" .
Lithium batteries are dangerous goods posing safety risks if not in line with. lithium ion batteries (UN 3480, PI 965 only) as cargo on passenger aircraft.. Download the updated Guidance Document (pdf) to learn how to comply. and labeling, as well as the documentation requirements on lithium batteries transportation.
Caution Lithium Ion Battery Label (Standard size) – Code H120ion. IATA Lithium Battery Shipping Guidelines (LBSG) 2019 6th Edition Chinese, Download .

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