Lithium Ion Battery For Golf Buggy

Lithium Ion Battery For Golf Buggy
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Lithium batteries For Golf Trolleys and Golf Buggies have been around now for 10 years or more.
Over 90% of golfers are now opting for a Lithium battery to power their electric trolley because they provide a more reliable, high-tech and cost-effective .
It replaces the 2 standard lead acid batteries on your buggy. Now available With Battery capacity voltage display. Model: Powerhouse Lithium 24V Battery
Lithium Golf Buggy Batteries.. 18-27 Hole Golf Trolley LiFePO4 Lithium Battery inc USB. SALE ITEM. 18-27 Hole Battery – 12v 16Ah Ion Lithium inc. charger.
Upgrade your electric golf buggy battery to Lithium today ! Why ? Lithium Golf Buggy Batteries are. LIGHTER Weighs only 3kg. Easy to lift, steer and go downhill.
Golf Buggy Batteries.. LC-XC1238P Golf Buggy Batteries. $197.00 inc GST. V-LFP-12-40. Fusion 12V 40AH Lithium Deep-Cycle LiFePO4. $503.00 inc GST.
Heter 12V 22Ah Lithiumion Golf Trolley Battery · Request Latest Price; 10 Cartons (Min. Order). Lead Time: 25 days; FOB Port: Shenzhen. View more: .
At MGI, our golf buggy charger is manufactured with latest battery technology which makes it more durable. Our lithium batteries are quality tested & safe to use.
Performance Batteries offers a wide variety of products to suit the individual needs of golfers, including the ever-popular lithium golf buggy battery.

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