Lithium Button Battery Sizes

Lithium Button Battery Sizes
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As you can see, it's a CR2032, which tells you that it is a single cell, round lithium battery with a diameter of 20 mm and a height of 3.2 mm.
Great selection of Lithium Coin Cell Batteries: CR9207, CR1216, CR1220,. Just in the same way that all batteries come in many sizes, 3 Volt CR Lithium .
CR 1/3 N Lithium cells measure 11.6 mm (0.45 inches) in diameter x 10.6 mm (0.42 inches) in height. AA size lithium cells are 1.5 volt batteries and just as with all lithium chemistry batteries, are non-rechargeable. AA Lithiums are terrific alternatives to AA Alkaline batteries, because of their superior performance.
Battery Model *, Size (mm), Weight (g), Nominal Capacity (mAh), Voltage. The CR prefix indicates a LiMnO2 Manganese Dioxide Lithium chemistry. A BR suffix .
Watch/Button Cell Chart · Watch Battery Size Equivalence Chart · Maxell Button Cross Reference Guide (pdf). Lithium AA AAA 9 Volt Battery Charts Lithium AA .
Battery Information > Cross References > Coin Cell Batteries. Note: Silver oxide is interchangeable with alkaline in certain sizes. You can see the alkaline .
Duracell 2032 lithium coin batteries – up to 50% more power*. *vs. Key Fob IEC. IEC standard test minimum average duration for LR44 size. Results may vary .

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