Kidde Smoke Alarm Aa Battery Replacement

Kidde Smoke Alarm Aa Battery Replacement
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Suitable for kidde carbon monoxide alarms, this Kidde AA Replacement Battery offers lasting durability for battery backups.
2 AA Battery Powered. • 2-LED. Your Kidde Smoke/CO Alarm was designed to detect both smoke and. LOW BATTERY: When the batteries are low and need.
Product Description. Kidde 9V alarm replacement battery will power a Kidde smoke or carbon monoxide alarm for a guaranteed 2 years .
I tested this myself with a smoke bucket, and could not get this alarm to go off.. . It uses 2 AA batteries which are included and easy to access for replacement .
Smoke detectors used 9V batteries for decades, but starting around 2014 the. so perhaps part of the idea is that the batteries might not have to be replaced as often.. Kidde recommends carbon-zinc, alkaline, and lithium, but doesn't specify .

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