Hybrid Battery Module Tester

Hybrid Battery Module Tester
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The Prolongâ„¢ Battery Module Load Tester enables quick & easy load testing of each module in a hybrid battery pack. It uses any standard automobile H4 .
The EVc-30 and EVc-10 are hybrid battery reconditioning tools designed for versatility and ease of. EVc-30 data: Toyota Prius battery pack after reconditioning .
4) I have another battery pack of 28 modules from another Gen2, so if i wanna identify the best 28 modules, what should I do?
Hi All, I am trying to load test individual battery cells in my hybrid battery pack. I did some research over Youtube and Internet, but couldn't.
Experts in Rebuilding Toyota Hybrid NiMH High Voltage Traction Batteries. Best in the. Battery Analyser 20-channels – Comparative Test of 20 Prius Modules.

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