How To Fix Apple Charger Wire

How To Fix Apple Charger Wire
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Directions for repairing your Apple cable: Cut two pieces of the heat shrink tube. Slide the shorter piece of the tube over the connector and position it just over the fractured point in the cable. Heat the shrink tube carefully from all sides. Twist the spring carefully around the first layer of shrink tube.
Apple charging cables, such as the Lightning to USB Cable, are easily prone to fraying. Most commonly, this fraying occurs from device usage while charging.
Repair : Apple MacBook MagSafe Charger Power Cord: Apple really dropped the ball on the design of this charger. The wimpy wire used in the design is simply .
I have Apple mice with USB cables that are 10 years old and still working, but I have not had a lightning cable that has lasted the year out. It's even worse than .

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