High Res 3d Scanner

High Res 3d Scanner
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The Matter and Form 3D Scanner is an affordable, high resolution 3D scanner that is compact, portable, easy to use, and fully assembled right out of the box.
Artec Space Spider is a highresolution 3D scanner based with enhanced precision – It is perfect for scanning small objects or intricate details of large industrial .
Automated 3D body scanning booth. Equipped with four high resolution Artec 3D scanners, the booth can scan a person in 12 seconds and produce a printable .
SCANIFY is the high-speed, high resolution, handheld 3D scanner that allows you to quickly and easily capture 3D models of everyday objects for 3D printing or .
Artec Spider is a 3D scanner with high resolution, high accuracy and ability to see sharp edges. These features make for a perfect solution for mass production .
Accelerate the delivery of high quality metal products and accurate casting patterns with greater material efficiency with 3D printed wax and SLA casting patterns.
Find out about the best 3D scanners on the market and get the best bang for your. with a 2 MP camera (higher than the 1.2 MP resolution on iPad scanners).

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