He 3d Triple Extruder 3d Printer

He 3d Triple Extruder 3d Printer
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Support three different material to print, for example PLA, ABS, PVA(realize special support material to print, PVA). You can use it as single as well as double .
He3D EI3 Aluminium Extrusion DIY 3D Printer kit. He 3d ei3 prusa kit. EI3 3d printer. Lead Time: 3 to 4 days. Extruders up to Triple (Single,Dual and Triple) .
Only $418.82,buy He3D EI3 Triple Extruders Multi-material Printing 3D Printer DIY Kit at GearBest Store with free shipping.
Buy low price, high quality 3d printer triple extruder with worldwide shipping. HE3D the Newest EI3 triple nozzle large print size 3 in 1 out extruder 3D printer .
HE3D Ei3 is the only Cheap 3D Printer Prusa i3 Kit with Multi E3D Metal Extruder Option up to Triple Nozzle ,Large Print Area, Auto leveling and 2 Free Rolls of .
Feature we like about the He3D EI3 Tricolor is that it can print three different colors in one print job.. he3d triple extruder. 3D printer and printing properties.
if you need after sales service, please add our facebook discussing group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/488033854735982/ .

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