Gladius Underwater Drone Australia

Gladius Underwater Drone Australia
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Fast delivery from within Australia!. $15 flat rate shipping Australia-wide. Brand: Gladius; Product: Pro Underwater Drone; SKU: GLADIUSPRO; Our Price: .
The GLADIUS is a smart underwater drone built for filming, observing and exploring. It is a portable and user friendly device that is able to dive up to a depth of .
Gladius Advance Pro ROV Underwater Drone With a 4K video camera, 100m depth capacity, four brushless motor thrusters and an operation time of about 3 hrs .
PowerRay Wizard – Underwater Fishing Drone Robot. $2,999.00. Back Order. Limited offer: Order now and receive FREE SHIPPING Australia-wide .
I've recently preordered a Gladius Mini Underwater Drone, the newest underwater drone camera platform and if you want one too, I can get you $100 off!
The most affordable, easy to use underwater photography drone w 4k camera, 100m depth & 50 Check out 'Gladius Submersible Underwater Drone' on .
This year, you have certainly noticed a strong craze for underwater drones. These robots, with their streamlined shapes and gaudy colors, were once reserved .
Explore, observe, photograph and film the underwater world from the comfort of topside or dry land with the GLADIUS Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicle .
Gladius Underwater Drone. 9584 likes · 468 talking about this. The First Five-Thruster Minisize Underwater Drone in the world.

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