Fitbit Fb406 Charger

Fitbit Fb406 Charger
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Great replacement with fully functional just like the original Fitbit Alta Charger.. Fitbit Alta HR Cable, Replacement Fitbit Alta HR USB Charger Cable + 500mA AC Wall Charger….. Fitbit Alta Charger, GOOQ Replacement Charging Cable Dock Charger Stand for Fitbit Alta Smart….
Fitbit Flex Smart Watch TrackerReplacement USB Charger Charging Cable Cord Clip.. Fitbit Flex Tracker Charger Bands Small Box Clasps Lot Used.. USB Cable Charger for Fitbit SURGE actvity tracker (ONLY for SURGE model)
Keep your Fitbit Alta charged so you'll never miss a step! This slim charging cable easily packs into purses, backpacks and more, and plugs into any US.
Charge your Fitbit Alta or Ace anywhere you go with this charging cable. It conveniently connects to your Fitbit Alta or Ace so that you can enjoy a fully charged .
I received the charger about a week and half ago and the clip was not attached correctly. Since the package did not a receipt, I have not been able to return it for .
Fitbit Alta. Charging cable. Wireless sync dongle. The Fitbit Alta has two parts:. .. Hereby, Fitbit, Inc. declares that the radio equipment type Model FB406 is in.

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