First Alert Smoke Alarm Battery Type

First Alert Smoke Alarm Battery Type
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When the battery back-up becomes weak, the Smoke Alarm will “chirp” about once a minute (the low battery warning). This warning should last 7 days, but you should replace the battery immediately to continue your protection. Choosing a replacement battery: Your Smoke Alarm requires one standard 9V battery.
The battery in your smoke alarm should be something that you can rely on with absolute certainty, so we recommend a 10-Year Sealed Battery Smoke Alarm.
Frequently asked questions about First Alert and Onelink products. If you would like to speak with a representative to help answer your question, you can find our .
This battery-powered fire detector can be easily installed anywhere without wires.. Types of Fires; Smart Sensor Minimizes False Alarms; Battery-Powered Fire .
Drawer allows for easy battery replacement without removing the alarm from the ceiling or wall.. All BRK® and First Alert® Smoke Alarms conform to regulatory.
First Alert Smoke Detector and Carbon Monoxide Detector Alarm Battery Operated,. . but make sure to have the right grade for the type of fire that might occur.

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