Cr123 Battery Weight

Cr123 Battery Weight
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Powerizer Primary Lithium Battery: CR123A (3.0V. This specification applies to the following 3.0v lithium cell CR123A manufactured. Standard weight g. 16.
Continuous Standard Drain (mA), 20. Diameter (mm), 17. Thickness (mm), -. Height (mm), 34.5. Approx. Weight (g), 17. JIS, CR123A,CR17345. IEC, CR17345.
(Rated at 100 ohms at 21°C). Typical Weight: 16.5 grams (0.58 oz.). This battery contains a Positive Temperature. Coefficient (PTC) safety device to limit current.
CR123A Panasonic Battery Consumer Battery & Photo Battery Battery & Photo CR123A 3V. Learn more about Panasonic Battery CR123A. Unit Weight:.
CR123A Lithium 3V Battery Non-Rechargeable (Primary). Weight, 17g. 1050; Keystone Electronics; BATTERY HOLDER CR123A SMD TAB; Unit Price .
The CR123 battery was made for use in cameras, where the high current capacity was. and 50 mm in length and a CR123 weight less than a single AA battery.
Height: 33.4mm. Voltage: 3.00V. Weight: 17.0g. Chemical System: Lithium / Manganese Dioxide (Li/MnO2)
Energizer CR123A lithium batteries are perfect for cameras and have a 10 year shelf. Energizer EL123A 3V 1500mAh Photo Lithium Battery. Weight: 0.58 oz.
Information and contents in this data sheet are for reference purpose only. They do not constitute any warranty or representation and are subject to change .

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