Cr123 Battery Voltage Range

Cr123 Battery Voltage Range
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Rechargeable CR123 batteries also known as RCR123 are equivalent to a 16340 battery, and they are made differently and have different voltage, the most common being 3.7 – 4.2 volts.
Powerizer Primary Lithium Battery: CR123A (3.0V. This specification applies to the following 3.0v lithium cell CR123A manufactured. Nominal voltage. V. 3.0.
With the low charge voltage the battery is a fairly good replacement for a CR123 battery, but with much lower capacity. IFR batteries has around 3.2 volt, and lower capacity than ICR batteries. These batteries will be around 3.2 volt, even when loaded, where CR123 drops below 3 volt.
The Energizer® 123 Battery provides long-lasting performance for your digital. Type: Lithium; Volt: 3; Replacement for: 5018LC, CR123, CR123A, CR17345, .

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