Cr123 Battery Specifications

Cr123 Battery Specifications
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【SCOPE】. This specification applies to the following 3.0v lithium cell CR123A manufactured by AA Portable Power Corp ( 2.
Product information and news of CR123A, Cylindrical type lithium batteries. Cylindrical type lithium batteries (CR series); Parts no : CR123A. Specification .
This battery contains a Positive Temperature. Coefficient (PTC) safety device to limit current during short circuit conditions. Specifications mm (inches).
The Energizer® 123 Battery provides long-lasting performance for your digital. for: 5018LC, CR123, CR123A, CR17345, EL123; See Technical Information.
Nominal capacity is determined to an end voltage of 2.0V when the battery is allowed to discharge at a standard current level at 23oC. *1. Current value is .
Same day shipping is available on these powerful batteries.. Duracell are among the highest in energy capacity for CR123A batteries with. Specifications .
Information and contents in this data sheet are for reference purpose only. They do not constitute any warranty or representation and are subject to change .
Panasonic CR123A Lithium Primary batteries provide dependable, long-lasting power to drive a wide range of. CR123A-PANASONIC Battery Specifications:.

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