Changing Iphone 6 Battery Performance

Changing Iphone 6 Battery Performance
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Editor's Note: Apple's discounted iPhone battery replacement program ends on. After a little less than a year and a half of use, I noticed the battery life began to .
Performance comparison for before/after battery replacement on iPhone 6S. Same phone, different battery.
I talked about how Apple is slowing down their older phones that have degrading batteries (
IPhone 6 Battery Replacement: Hello folks,Let me show you how I replaced my iPhone 6 battery.. I use my phone for work and I'm depending on good battery life.
Apple recently admitted to slowing down its iOS operating system (or performance throttling) as they get older and the batteries deteriorate, angering customers .
An iPhone battery replacement can add years to its useful life. Remember the iPhone. Apple A12 chip brings huge gains to performance and battery life.

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