Cen Tech Battery Load Tester Instructions

Cen Tech Battery Load Tester Instructions
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Save This Manual Keep this manual for the safety warnings and precautions,. . Specifications. Testing. Capability. 6 and 12 VDC battery tester. Load Test.
This Load Tester tests 6 or 12 volt automotive-size lead-acid batteries under load.. occur. Consult the OPERATION instructions for proper connection and.
View and Download CENTECH 92903 assembly and operating instructions. Operation (continued) Analyzing test results by color display: The Battery. If the battery is without significant charge, charge it and check it again under load. The.
Harbor Freight 100 Amp Battery Load Tester. Harbor Freight 100 Amp Battery. . Harbor Freight 69888 Cen.
The instruction sheet is required for the first few operations.. These newer battery testers do not load the battery down with a resistor in the. . awkwardly branded but, CenTech is a huge name for Harbor Freight Tools which tends to stand by .

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