Build 3d Scanner With Kinect

Build 3d Scanner With Kinect
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Calibrate the Kinect Color/Mesh by launching the Camera app once before performing a 3D Scan. Make sure the camera app is using the Kinect camera. Use the optimal sensor-to-object distance of about 3 feet (approximately one arm's length away).
3D Scanning With the Kinect: 3D scanning technology has always been out of. the edges of objects and photo stitching techniques to make the 3d model.
EASY Kinect 3D Scanner!: Hey Instructables community! In this instructable I will instruct you how to make a DIY 3d scanner using an XBOX-360 Kinect!
3D Scanning With Microsoft Kinect: So you have a 3D printer.. With a cheap 3D scanner you could recreate objects in your house to make a miniature doll .

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