Bmw Battery Tender Instructions

Bmw Battery Tender Instructions
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Instructions. Open the hood of your BMW. Locate positive terminal under the hood and connect the red clamp from your charger. Locate the negative terminal under the hood. Set your charger to 2 Amp which is a slow charge. Plug your charger into a wall outlet or extension cord. Allow the battery to get charged or stay.
to the purchase of your new professional switch mode battery charger. This charger is included in a series of professional chargers from CTEK SWEDEN AB and .
The Battery Tender is a trickle battery charger that has gained a reputation. authorized manufacturer of both Harley-Davidson and BMW battery chargers.
Your BMW dealer should have the battery tender device.. The instructions recommended to use posts under the hood and not the battery .
My battery tender finally came in the mail. The instructions say to connect the red clip to the positive battery post and the black clip to the .

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