Black Widow Extruder Upgrade


Tevo Black Widow Original Control Box

The control box parts of the Tevo Black Widow 3d printer to help you designers design upgrades/attachments for the printer or just print replacement parts for when the acrylic breaks. Everything should be to scale.

I added a version of the long parts that can be printed on smaller printers like the Tevo Tarantula with a 200x200mm bed. The parts can be glued together for an extra strong bond since the dovetail bond can be too weak on its own. There is a 0.2mm gap between the connections which should be enough to make it fit if not just sand down the edges until it fits.

I added the original .skp SketchUp file.
and as per request a version that is exported for version 2015
Note that if you use my design U should give credit to me by adding my name/thing to your remix as the original author.

Created by Roel Versteeg (
Feeling generous? Feel free to tip me, this helps to cover the costs of wasted prototyping filament and time spend designing.

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