Best 29dc Battery

Best 29dc Battery
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I really don't know a whole lot about batteries accept that they make my. my experience is the maxx29's from walmart are a good value .
Buy EverStart Lead Acid Marine Battery, Group 29DC at It's a good, solid, strong battery that I envision having for a long time. It holds a charge .
4 Walmart Everstart Maxx Marine 29DC batteries (Deep Cycle) – Sealed Lead. . batteries the place that I bought them from kept insisting that they were good .
Interstate's SRM Deep Cycle batteries are the most popular line of marine batteries and offer strong,. SRM-29, 29DC, 675, 845, 210, 13, 6 3/4, 10, 59.7, 12, W.
I'm just wondering has anyone tried these batteries before? I'm using it for my 50 lb thrust bow mount motor. If they are good I love the fact you .
Volts. 12 V. Cold Crank Amp. 845. Reserve Capacity. 85. Manufacturer Part Number. MAXX-29DC. Contained Battery Type. Lead Acid. Model.
For the money there isn't a better raft available (extra layer of vinyl protection. EverStart MAXX 29DC lead acid deep cycle marine battery, two Danielson 10 lb .

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