Battery Acid Specific Gravity Tester

Battery Acid Specific Gravity Tester
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The specific gravity also increases as the battery is recharged. A hydrometer is used to measure the specific gravity of the electrolyte solution in each cell. It's a tool used to measure the density or weight of a liquid compared to the density of an equal amount of water.
The SG-1000 battery digital hydrometer is critical in determining the charge level of lead-acid batteries, without touching any liquid or cumbersome cleaning.
In the case of battery testing, the hydrometer is measuring the specific gravity of the battery's electrolyte. The higher the acid concentration in the electrolyte, the higher the specific gravity. Based on the specific gravity, the user can determine the state of charge of the battery.
You can measure the specific gravity using a hydrometer if you have flooded lead acid batteries, ones with caps on top that you can remove to get at the liquid .
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If you've ever used an eyedropper, you are capable of using a hydrometer to test your battery state of charge. The picture to your right shows the basic parts to a .

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