Autozone Battery Warranty Prorated

Autozone Battery Warranty Prorated
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Battery Type, Free Replacement Period, Pro Rata Replacement Period. Platinum, 3 years, N/A. Duralast Gold, 3 years, 2 years prorated (5 years total). Duralast .
This warranty expires when you sell or transfer your vehicle. If the battery is found defective during the free replacement period on this receipt, bring the battery to any AutoZone store and you will receive a free replacement.. THIS LIMITED WARRANTY REPRESENTS THE TOTAL LIABILITY OF AUTOZONE FOR ANY BATTERY.
If you need to return a part under warranty, please take it to any AutoZone store.. AutoZone's Limited Warranty · Duralast Gold and Duralast Battery Warranty.
Most batteries last 3-5 years. If your car battery is 4 years old or older, you`re at risk for failure. But don't worry; you can have your battery tested at your nearest AutoZone® store-free of charge. So stop in to keep your battery charging forward.
A few years ago, the warranty was different with the AutoZone batteries. When the prorate warranty was processed, you would get a new battery minus the prorated worth of the old battery at the new battery cost you would have paid initially when you bought the battery. Then it changed.
When buying a car battery, you may have come across the terms prorated warranty and non-prorated. Let's take a look at what these two terms mean.
I bought a Battery at Autozone about 2 years ago.. After that it is prorated.. . They generally (well always) follow the warranty of the battery.

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