Automotive Battery Tester With Printer

Automotive Battery Tester With Printer
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Printing Paper: Size: 55*25mm ( One set include 2 pcs printing paper . You can order it from us or in your market) Package list MICRO-568 battery load tester .
Buy DY2015C Automotive Battery Tester With Printer 12V & 24V Voltage Battery Analyzer For Battery Status, Engine Activtion System, Charging System, .
Midtronics EXP-800 Battery & Electrical System Diagnostic Analyzer. EXP technology with integrated printer, designed for preventative maintenance programs. Building on advanced EXP technology with additional program management features and an integrated printer, the Midtronics EXP.
Looking for a reliable car battery tester for your vehicle's battery and charge system? See this popular tester with a built-in printer now before you buy!
Printer and clock inside can print out testing results anytime. Battery test, Start system test, Charging system test; The automotive battery analyzer supportable .
Tester – Midtronics Battery Anayzer w/Built-In Printer Model: MIDEXP-800. Advanced Digital Battery and Electrical System Analyzer with Integrated Printer.

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