Automotive Battery Group Sizes

Automotive Battery Group Sizes
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table of automotive battery groups and their dimensions.
Complete guide to learn about battery group sizes and how to choose the right group size for your vehicle.
Automotive lead-acid battery case sizes are specified by Battery Council International (BCI) as group numbers by size. Common battery sizes[edit]. BCI#, Volts .
BCI Group Numbers, Dimensional Specifications, Polarity & Terminals. 22F, Auto, 9.5, 6.9, 8.3, 240, 175, 211, 11F, R/H-POS, TOP – SAE AUTO. 22HF, Auto .
CAR BATTERY TYPES & GROUP SIZES. Wondering about car battery types and which is right for your vehicle? You've come to the right place. It pays to know .
Learn how to find your car battery's group size at Click or call 800-663-1570 for more info.

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