Apc Replace Battery Light

Apc Replace Battery Light
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The following steps will allow you to troubleshoot your Replace Battery Indicator: Note: The normal load should be connected while performing these steps. 1.
Issue: The replace battery indicator is flashing. Product Line: Smart-UPS Environment: All SUA and SUM models, All Serial Numbers Cause: The replace battery .
The Replace Battery LED is a WARNING that the battery may be near the end of. If the unit still emits this tone, it is an indicator that the UPS was permanently .
I replaced a battery in APC SmartUPS by hot-swapping. While the swap was all right and didn't disturb connected computers, the "Battery failed" LED on the front .
When will I need to replace my UPS batteries? The red 'Replace Battery' light is on my APC UPS, what does this mean? The 'Battery Capacity' lights are flashing .

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