Apc Replace Battery Indicator

Apc Replace Battery Indicator
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The following steps will allow you to troubleshoot your Replace Battery Indicator: Note: The normal load should be connected while performing these steps. 1.
Issue: The replace battery indicator is flashing. Product Line: Smart-UPS Environment: All SUA and SUM models, All Serial Numbers Cause: The replace battery .
The replace battery indicator is designed as a early warning signal to the Smart-UPS user. If the LED is illuminated, that does not necessarily mean that the UPS .
The Replace Battery indicator light is illuminated on my Conext Battery Backup.
. of an On/Test button, an Off button, and several visual indicator lights (LEDs).. If the LED is not lit, the UPS is either not turned ON, or is supplying battery power.. Replace Battery: This LED will illuminate when the battery in the UPS has .
The Replace Battery LED is a WARNING that the battery may be near the end of. If the unit still emits this tone, it is an indicator that the UPS was permanently .

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