Alkaline Button Battery Sizes

Alkaline Button Battery Sizes
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Button and coin cell batteries are used to power small, portable electronics devices like the keyless. Silver Oxide & Alkaline Coin Cell Battery Conversion Chart .
They're made in the following sizes: AA, AAA, C, D, N, button batteries, 4LR44, A23/23A , 9 Volt , MN175 and A27/27A batteries. All these alkaline batteries are 1.5 volt (with the obvious exception of the 9 volt sizes). Alkaline batteries are made by every battery manufacturer.
These Common Battery Sizes will power most applications in any home or office environment.. GP Batteries Alkaline PX625A (LR9) Button Cell (Bulk). (0).
Watch Battery Size Equivalence Chart · Maxell Button Cross Reference Guide (pdf) · Coin Battery Chart · AG-Numbers Alkaline Watch Battery Equivalence Chart.
Rely on Duracell's Specialty LR44 alkaline button batteries, ideal for your medical. Avaliable in a variety of sizes to power a wide range of devices, from .
Battery Information > Cross References > Coin Cell Batteries. Note: Silver oxide is interchangeable with alkaline in certain sizes. You can see the alkaline .
Duracell LR44 Alkaline button batteries – up to 50% more power*. *vs. IEC standard test minimum average duration for LR44 size. Results may vary by device .

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