Alkaline Batteries Universal Waste

Alkaline Batteries Universal Waste
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non-hazardous solid waste with general refuse according to RCRA regulations. and Washington), alkaline batteries are classified as hazardous waste and can be disposed through the DRMO or through local contract.. Since alkaline Page 5 batteries are non-hazardous solid waste according to RCRA, there may not be an MSDS.
Universal Waste – Used Batteries. Environmental Factsheet. Handling, storage and disposal of wastes generated by business and industry. 1 of 3. What are.
These batteries cannot be thrown in the trash with other wastes. THESE DO NOT INCLUDE. COMMON ALKALINE. BATTERIES. Alkaline batteries can be safely.
Universal Waste Guide February 25, 2010. Small Quantity Handler of Universal Waste Requirements:.. .. Batteries, dry, sealed, n.o.s.(Alkaline Batteries).
hazardous constituents requiring management as Universal Wastes under. they can be considered in three categories, alkaline, lead acid batteries, and .

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