98 Honda Civic Battery Light Dim

98 Honda Civic Battery Light Dim
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. a 1997 Honda Civic HX and I had a problem with my battery light constantly on.. The way you describe the "dim" charge indicator lamp makes me also think .
Hi r/Honda, I just had my alternator changed due to a blinking SRS lights and flickering dash/headlights. After it was changed, I noticed the.
Honda Civic cars & trucks dim battery light questions and answers. Ask your Honda dim battery. Headlights in 1998 honda civic lx burn dim even. dim even .
i recently changed my alternator and belts and battery on 96 ex civic dy16y8 and the light will cut off need help.
I haven't heard of that happening on that car but I have seen way crazier. Join Date: Jan 2005; Location: Japan; Posts: 43,593; My Cars: 11/88 E32 750iL+98 E36M3. when you drive and the battery light is always dim on, that could be a. . bahaha lucky enough for me im missing my whole under dash, you .
97 Honda Civic D16Y7 motor.. I am thinking its maybe a sensor for the alternator that tells the ECU if its charging or not. And lets just say the alternator is bad, the light would be on bright. not half ass dim unless the bulb is .
I noticed after I started my car the battery light indicator was slightly on.. I noticed the dash lights got dimmer the longer I drove. Then I noticed .

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