3d Printing Wax For Investment Casting

3d Printing Wax For Investment Casting
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3D printing with wax is used to create a precise 3D mold out of a 3D file thanks to the 3D lost wax casting technique. 3D Lost wax casting (or investment casting) .
Massive 3D printed investment casting pattern at Rapid-TCT 2018. month along with many projects using both 3D printed wax and SLA for smaller patterns.
EnvisionTEC has more than 15 years of experience in developing advanced materials to 3D print patterns for direct investment casting or lost-wax casting.
3D printing offers an effective tool-less solution for investment casting patterns with Stereolithography (SL). As an alternative to wax and wood, SL builds patterns .
DIY Aluminum Investment Casting Using a 3d Printer.. 3d printer; PLA, ABS, or much preferred wax based filament like Moldlay filament "price varies".

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