3d Printer Metal Casting

3d Printer Metal Casting
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All the information and advice to help you 3D print your 3D model in metal with Metal Casting. 3D print in 3 clicks, receive your part in a few days!
With recent developments in temperature resistant 3D printing materials (like High Temp Resin for the Formlabs Form 2), it’s possible to 3D print molds for direct casting. Compared to directly printing metal, the direct pewter casting process offers significantly better detail.
Custom 3D printed molds; Lost PLA casting; Silicone molds. Siemens now turns a 3D printed component into a final product cast in 316 grade stainless steel in .
DIY Aluminum Investment Casting Using a 3d Printer.. A way to melt your preferred metal, I used my homemade foundry furnace fired by a $40 propane burner .

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