3d Printed Wax

3d Printed Wax
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In the following article we'll tell you everything you need to know about wax 3D printing – including how wax 3D printing works and when it should be used.
3D printing with wax is used to create a precise 3D mold out of a 3D file thanks to the 3D lost wax casting technique. 3D Lost wax casting (or investment casting) .
Built especially for ultra-accurate applications, our printers provide unparalleled precision to meet your exacting standards and specifications. Find out more.
Wax filament for 3D printing. When used for lost wax casting, the burnout is extremely clean (much better than using plastic filament). This product can also be .
With lost wax printing and casting, a model is 3D printed in a wax-like resin and afterwards a plaster mold is made for casting.
EnvisionTEC has more than 15 years of experience in developing advanced materials to 3D print patterns for direct investment casting or lost-wax casting.

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