2000 Honda Civic Battery Light Dim

2000 Honda Civic Battery Light Dim
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Hey guys, I have a 1997 Honda Civic HX and I had a problem with my battery light constantly on. I've replaced the alternator, battery, ground wires and made.. The way you describe the "dim" charge indicator lamp makes me also think about .
Hi r/Honda, I just had my alternator changed due to a blinking SRS lights and flickering dash/headlights. After it was changed, I noticed the.
i recently changed my alternator and belts and battery on 96 ex civic dy16y8 and the light will cut off need help.
97 Honda Civic D16Y7 motor.. 2 days later, the battery light came on.. is on, that light is nice and bright but the battery light is really dim and stays on.. Usually, the battery light comes on when the alternator is not putting out a. .. Powered by vBulletin® Copyright ©2000 – 2018, Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd.

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