2000 Honda Civic Battery Keeps Draining

2000 Honda Civic Battery Keeps Draining
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'92+ Civic/EL & Del Sol – Battery keeps draining overnight – :upset: Originally, tests showed the first battery I had to be fine. I replaced it anyways. 3 days later, the .
Hey guys i cant figure out why my battery keeps draining. sometimes it drains over night, sometimes right after i drive it. all my electrics work, .
Keeping the lights on is one of the reasons causing car battery draining fast. It's a mistake that every driver has made at least once in their lifetime. You have .
The 2000 Honda Accord has 5 problems reported for battery drained. Average repair cost is $760 at 100100 miles.. One day, however, about 35 minutes after doing this, my car stalled out. The radio was still working, as were the lights and .

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